2012 - Qualified  17 for OAC State
The Coach Masanek & Coach Massie Wrestling Scholarship
The follwing is a letter to Betsy Hope President of the Fairfield Community Foundation from Dave and Jake 2/1/12.

On behalf of the Fairfield Wrestling Family, the Fairfield Youth Wrestling Club (FYWC) would like to establish the Coach Ron Masanek & Coach Bob Massie Wrestling Scholarship fund with the foundation. 

FYWC will commit to the minimum balance of $5,000.00 within 5 years (2016). 

In addition FYWC will commit to providing at least $500.00 per year until the fund can provide it from its earnings.

The Fairfield's Wrestling Family goal is to build the fund to eventually sustain 3 awards of at least $1000 yearly.

Attached is the charter document outlining the Qualifications; Selection Committee; Goal; and Award approach for the scholarship(s).

The intent is to provide an award(s) to the High Wrestling Coaches to give to a senior(s) active with the team who they feel is deserving. We defer to the coaches the ability to disqualify those that are not deserving. It is as simple as that. If the charter document does not convey that, please instruct me on how to make it so.

We are looking forward to working with you to achieve our goal in helping deserving members of the Fairfield Wrestling Family and honoring our patriarch and his trusted assistant/friend for their nearly 1/2 century of unselfish service to the youth of our community. 

"Coach" & "Coach Massie" have positively touched literally thousands of young lives. They do not/did not teach winning; they teach the attributes of a winner and the wins manifest themselves not only on the mat but throughout lifetimes.
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