Coach's  Wrestling Philosophy: 
Winning Philosophy
Victories are not gauged by the number of wins that one accumulates over the opposition, but over oneself. It is not about how many opponents you defeat. Wrestling is about how many times you can exceed your own personal limits. Can you say to yourself that you left every ounce of Heart & Soul out on the mat?! Never worry that your opponent will threaten you, Expect it! You wrestle your heart out and let the chips fall where they may. Always be conscious of your position. Start in a good stance. End in a good stance. Do not ever come out of your stance. Hips stay low and heavy, head and chest up. You have to be aware of your opponent’s position and sense his motions. Focus on what he is doing and stay ahead of his actions.
Practice does not make Perfect
– Practice makes Permanent – Perfect Practice makes Perfect

Wrestle with Intensity
You are only as good as your partner allows you to be. Your partner must give you the correct position for the situation so that your body learns how to react to that situation. As a partner, you must know what resistance to give in each situation. There are times that call for light resistance, while other times call for heavy resistance. Either way, you must always give your partner some kind of reaction. Standing still and not moving is unacceptable. You have to learn to customize the level of resistance according to what your partner can handle. If you do not understand this concept and you are not sure what to do, then please ask.
Action – Reaction – Reaction

Proper Position Prevents Poor Performance

Live wrestling does not allow you enough time to think about what to do when you are out on the mat. The best wrestlers always react very quickly in a situation and put themselves in the best possible position. This gives them the best chances to win. You must develop muscle memory so that you can react immediately and accordingly to the given situation. In other words, the mind is superseded by the reflex reactions of the body. The time to think about what you can do is when you are off the mat. When you are on the mat, you will not have that luxury. I will train you to have faster reflexes, so that you will react quicker based upon whatever actions your opponents takes. Muscle memory is learned by repetition thru drills, drills, and more drills. Only when you have repeated a drill hundreds of times, will your body develop the automated response that we are looking for. Thru these drills I will train your body to be in perfect position. Situations are constantly changing and the first wrestler that stops reacting will be the one who loses the situation.

Luck…is when Preparation meets Opportunity

Every time you step into the room, you must accomplish 3 things:
1.Learn a new technique
2.Improve on an old technique
3.Increase your strength and conditioning

Never Give In! Never Give In! Never, Never, Never Give In!!!

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